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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My mamita always said "when it rains, it pours". It's true, you know. At the moment, nothing particularly negative, only positive, is happening with me. I ward off creeping pessimistic thoughts like "it's only a matter of time..."

But why did I start the post with that quote? We found out my sister was pregnant with her third child five months ago! My mamita called and told me in the same fashion that she always does when someone in the fam's knocked up-"We've got someone in the family expehhh-cteeng..." Two weeks later she called again, same sentence, only this time it was my little cousin. Her first baby. It was rather a shock. She just turned 19 in May. And another unusual aspect of her pregnancy, for my family, that is,-she's not married. Perhaps it sounds like I'm judging. Believe me when I say I'm not. I couldn't care less about that fact, I only mention it because my family has not had such an instance before.

I forgot to mention that two months before we found out about my sister, Casey, 2 of my dad's nieces, sisters, got pregnant at the same time. One lost hers, though. That is not uncommon on my dad's side. (it scares me)

A month ago mamita called me again. Another cousin this time. Iowa's water is fertile, I tell ya. Caution to all women passing through or visiting!

"I can still see the shells fallin outta their hands as they follow each other back up the hill." -Sara


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