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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I have been busy of late, uncommon and completely unacceptable to me. I do not like being busy and I do not like making mistakes. Busyness encourages mistakes. I am not a fan. But what have I been so busy doing, you ask?

Drenching myself in Martha Wainwright. The most beautiful voice I've ever heard and a delightful mix of depth and vulgarity. Two of my favorite things.

My new diet which mainly consists of cutting out most of the junk I love to eat and cutting down the portions. I've recently added Pilates to my regimen. It's going surprisingly well.

A fun new friendship with a girl from New Jersey. I take so few friends to my bosom, many nice, casual friends, few that I really have a lot in common with. She does not like independent movies or music, alas, but I can handle that. She is my Pilates partner.

And, naturally, work. I can best describe my recent days at the good old nursing home as chaotic. Winter is hard on the residents and we have lost around twenty. They usually seem happy to go and so I don't get sad. I sometimes worry that I may be too cold and unfeeling, but then I remember it's necessary to be so in this field. All the same, necessary is not always comforting.

"This, this life is boring. This, this life is snoring. But that's all right, that's okay, it's still worth living..." -This Life by Martha Wainwright


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